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February 27, 2013

There are countless ways to view homes for sale on the internet.  Throw in a few search criteria, and the portal spits out a few hundred options.  If you aren’t familiar with the town, this can be very overwhelming. That’s where Nest New Mexico comes in!

I really wanted to avoid confusion on my website.  I wanted people to be able to visit my site and feel like they could get an understanding for the different neighborhoods and districts in our incredible and diverse city.  In any town, it is important to have a good understanding of how the city is laid out in relation to highways and land features like mountains and water.  This is why I wanted to start with a map.  The lovely people at Carristo Creative  illustrated a map to show the main features in Albuquerque.   You’ll find that the Real Estate community in every town breaks up the area by numbering districts and then assigns each a code name to identify it when we talk to each other– the systems aren’t always intuitive but you will often find these “codes” used in various search engines. While helpful for brokers, this is a major source of confusion for consumers.  Again, the good folks at Carristo laid these code names on top of the map to take away some of the mystery.  You can see the beautiful map here and read about the unique qualities of each of these areas.

You can search for homes at least four different ways on my website. You can do a basic search encompassing every house on the market in Albuquerque and surrounding towns like Corrales, Bernalillo, Tijeras and Rio Rancho. Click on “Find a Home” and use the slide toggles on the right to narrow or broaden your search.  This will allow you to see “Homes For Sale in the North Valley” at the same time you are looking at “Homes For Sale in Sandia Heights.”

You can also search by neighborhood.  For example, to find homes for sale in Nob Hill, click on the tab “Find a Home” then, click on “View Homes For Sale in Nob Hill”.  You will see every home that is for sale in the area defined as “Nob Hill.”  Then, using your mouse, scroll over each house icon in the map to see the basic details on the house like price, number of bedrooms and baths, and square footage.  To see more detailed information, click on the icon and you’ll be able to see the pictures and read the descriptions.

You can search by lifestyle! My favorite way is to search in proximity to coffee shops.  For those searching from out of town, this features allows you to also get acquainted with the community a little more closely until you can visit in person.

You can also draw your own parameters on the map.  Using the pencil symbol on the left side, you can draw, freestyle the area you are interested in.  This is useful if, for example, you are interested in homes on the east end of UNM and the west end of Nob Hill. Instead of searching for Homes For Sale in UNM and Homes For Sale in Nob Hill, you can simply draw in the area you want.

You can keep track of houses that catch your attention by saving them in a folder.  From the map, click on the house icon and scroll to the star symbol. You can also keep track of price changes by clicking on the bell symbol.  You will receive an email if the price is reduced or if the house sells.  You can email listings to a friend by clicking on the envelope symbol.  There is also a place to post the house to your Facebook page to solicit more feedback from friends. Finally, you can contact me for additional information on the property or to schedule a showing.  By default, the map is configured to show major roads, but you can change this view to be a satellite or terrain image if that makes more sense to you.  On the left side of the map, you’ll see “map options”.  This will allow you to change the view.

It is a very intuitive search engine.   I believe you’ll find it is the best search engine to Find Homes For Sale in Albuquerque. Have fun with it! Discover Albuquerque. Check out our unique architecture and appreciate how truly cool our city is.





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